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NIKKEN, the name for compact air compressors and electric cylinders

NIKKEN is a producer of compact air compressors, electric cylinders and other industrial machinery. We create compact, light-weight, weather-resistant, low-maintenance products that fulfill the needs of built-in drive assemblies used by professionals. To do that, we find out what professionals in the field want and need, and then incorporate that into our products.

Air compressors(MAX-series)

The MAX Series are small, lightweight air compressors that are portable for their discharge rates. They are built with a totally oilless design, so no maintenance is necessary. They can be battery-powered as well, making them excellent for operating in tight spaces.

Electric cylinders(Stroke motor)

The linear motion of Stroke motors, NIKKEN’s electric cylinders, can be remotely controlled. With a water-resistant construction, these products are suited for installation in special-purpose vehicles and many other environments. This type of technology is also being looked at as a possible green alternative to hydraulics.

Product proposals for air compressors and electric cylinders and OEM production

From product proposals for compact air compressors and electric cylinders to OEM production

Our clients operate in an almost infinite variety of environments. Tell us about your power supply, continuous operating time, maintenance cycle, budget and other information, and we’ll suggest the optimum product for your needs. We also perform OEM production.

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Vehicle-borne air compressor(OEM)

Vehicle-borne air compressor(OEM)

We are producing an OEM portable compressor to be carried by road service and repair cars. The compressor is both compact and has a high discharge rate.

Snow plow electric cylinder

Snow plow actuator

This electric cylinder is water-resistant and weather resistant to -30℃. It also has a sound cost performance.

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